2019 – Solar Statistics

How did the solar panels fare over 2019?

Here’s a graph showing monthly output in 2019 (in red) displayed against the average of what we would expect (the green line), and the last six years until 2018 averaged (blue line).

It was a good year for the panels, with no major problems and 106% of expected generation, very similar to the 108% achieved in 2018.

Month 2018Daily Average kWh% of expectedCumulative tonnes of CO2e saved
Year Average106%17.16

Exciting Developments – Next Generation Fund

We are very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted by Power to Change for their ‘Next Generation Fund’.

Power to Change is an organisation set up to grow and support community businesses in England.

We are one of six groups shortlisted, which means we are now through to the ‘Research and Development’ stage.

We plan to develop a business model based on distributed systems of solar PV and battery installations in over 400 dwellings. Working with Stroud District Council, the project would take place across the council’s sheltered housing estate. The battery capacity would join Ecotricity’s Virtual Power Plant to provide a grid balancing service to the national grid. 

The model would provide an exemplar for how community energy groups can partner with local councils and electricity companies to deliver innovative, investable and sustainable projects with significant beneficial social impacts, including reduced electricity costs and wider understanding of smart low carbon projects.

See more at ‘Power to Change’